Three Reasons to Study Church History – Aaron Armstrong provides three important reasons to study and understand church history.

The Theology Research Paper Title Generator – If you have ever struggled with creating the perfect title to your bible college or seminary research paper, Marc Cortez has the tool for you.

Pastor, Are You Speaking in Tongues During Your Sermon? – Trevin Wax explores ways in which pastors can ensure that what they are preaching is actually being comprehended by their audience.

Christian Missions in the Third Millennium – Dr. Albert Mohler takes a look at where he believes missions is heading and should be heading.

2014 Band of Bloggers – The 2014 Band of Bloggers is scheduled for 8 April at Southern Seminary. Registration and event information is available here.

A Simple Acrostic for Prayer: A.C.T.S. – Dr. R. C. Sproul provides a helpful acrostic for engaging prayer.

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